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Version: 1.0.0-preview.33




KeyCode Enum

Specifies key codes and modifiers in US keyboard layout.

public enum KeyCode


A 65

The A key.

Apostrophe 39

The apostrophe key.

B 66

The B key.

Backslash 92

The backslash.

Backspace 259

The backspace key.

C 67

The C key.

CapsLock 280

The caps lock key.

Comma 44

The comma key.

D 68

The D key.

D0 48

The 0 key.

D1 49

The 1 key.

D2 50

The 2 key.

D3 51

The 3 key.

D4 52

The 4 key.

D5 53

The 5 key.

D6 54

The 6 key.

D7 55

The 7 key.

D8 56

The 8 key.

D9 57

The 9 key.

Delete 261

The delete key.

Down 264

The down arrow key.

E 69

The E key.

End 269

The end key.

Enter 257

The enter key.

Equal 61

The equal key.
This is the '=' character.

Escape 256

The escape key.

F 70

The F key.

F1 290

The F1 key.

F10 299

The F10 key.

F11 300

The F11 key.

F12 301

The F12 key.

F13 302

The F13 key.

F14 303

The F14 key.

F15 304

The F15 key.

F16 305

The F16 key.

F17 306

The F17 key.

F18 307

The F18 key.

F19 308

The F19 key.

F2 291

The F2 key.

F20 309

The F20 key.

F21 310

The F21 key.

F22 311

The F22 key.

F23 312

The F23 key.

F24 313

The F24 key.

F25 314

The F25 key.

F3 292

The F3 key.

F4 293

The F4 key.

F5 294

The F5 key.

F6 295

The F6 key.

F7 296

The F7 key.

F8 297

The F8 key.

F9 298

The F9 key.

G 71

The G key.

GraveAccent 96

The grave accent key.

H 72

The H key.

Home 268

The home key.

I 73

The I key.

Insert 260

The insert key.

J 74

The J key.

K 75

The K key.

KeyPad0 320

The 0 key on the key pad.

KeyPad1 321

The 1 key on the key pad.

KeyPad2 322

The 2 key on the key pad.

KeyPad3 323

The 3 key on the key pad.

KeyPad4 324

The 4 key on the key pad.

KeyPad5 325

The 5 key on the key pad.

KeyPad6 326

The 6 key on the key pad.

KeyPad7 327

The 7 key on the key pad.

KeyPad8 328

The 8 key on the key pad.

KeyPad9 329

The 9 key on the key pad.

KeyPadAdd 334

The add key on the key pad.

KeyPadDecimal 330

The decimal key on the key pad.

KeyPadDivide 331

The divide key on the key pad.

KeyPadEnter 335

The enter key on the key pad.

KeyPadEqual 336

The equal key on the key pad.

KeyPadMultiply 332

The multiply key on the key pad.

KeyPadSubtract 333

The subtract key on the key pad.

L 76

The L key.

Left 263

The left arrow key.

LeftAlt 342

The left alt key.

LeftBracket 91

The left bracket(opening bracket) key.

LeftControl 341

The left control key.

LeftShift 340

The left shift key.

LeftSuper 343

The left super key.

M 77

The M key.

Menu 348

The menu key.

Minus 45

The minus key.

N 78

The N key.

NumLock 282

The num lock key.

O 79

The O key.

P 80

The P key.

PageDown 267

The page down key.

PageUp 266

The page up key.

Pause 284

The pause key.

Period 46

The period key.

PrintScreen 283

The print screen key.

Q 81

The Q key.

R 82

The R key.

Right 262

The right arrow key.

RightAlt 346

The right alt key.

RightBracket 93

The right bracket(closing bracket) key.

RightControl 345

The right control key.

RightShift 344

The right shift key.

RightSuper 347

The right super key.

S 83

The S key.

ScrollLock 281

The scroll lock key.

Semicolon 59

The semicolon key.
This is the ';' character.

Slash 47

The slash key.

Space 32

The space bar key.

T 84

The T key.

Tab 258

The tab key.

U 85

The U key.

Unknown -1

An unknown key.

Up 265

The up arrow key.

V 86

The V key.

W 87

The W key.

X 88

The X key.

Y 89

The Y key.

Z 90

The Z key.