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Version: 1.0.0-preview.33



Velaptor.Graphics Namespace

ImageLoaderLoads images from disk.
AtlasSubTextureDataHolds data about a texture atlas sub texture.
CircleShapeRepresents a circle shape with various attributes.
CornerRadiusHolds all of the radius values for each corner of a rectangle.
GlyphMetricsHolds all of the various metrics of a glyph for rendering purposes.
ImageDataHolds image data such as the pixel colors for each X and Y location, the image width, and height.
LineRepresents a single line segment.
RectShapeRepresents a rectangular shape with various attributes.
IImageLoaderLoads images from disk.
IRenderContextRepresents where and how rendering will occur.
IRenderMediatorManages rendering between the different renderers.
ColorGradientRepresents the type of gradient a color can.
RenderEffectsAdds basic effects to a texture when rendered.